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Eligibility form - Ffurflen gymryd rhan (CRF01)


Thank you for the interest in the study. Please answer the following questions so that we can contact you to talk to you about the study, and to help us to work out whether you can take part.

Please contact for more information about the study. If you live in Scotland, you can also contact the study team at the University of Glasgow at If at any point you feel you need support relating to your mental health, please talk to someone you trust (e.g. a parent or carer), a counsellor or therapist (if you are seeing someone), or your family doctor (GP). The contacts at the end of the form might also be helpful.

You could get the help of someone you trust, such as a parent, guardian or professional (e.g. a teacher or counsellor) to fill out this form, or they could fill it on your behalf with your permission.

Your details (or young person, if form filled by parent/guardian or professional):

Now we are going to ask you about your mood and feelings. These questions are about how you may have been feeling or acting the past two weeks. If the sentence was not true about you in the past two weeks, choose ‘Not true’. If it was only sometimes true, choose ‘Sometimes’. If it was true most of the time choose ‘True’. The terms ‘family’ or ‘parent’ in the following questions also refer to carers or guardians.

Please complete these final questions